Simple and Effecient App for Open Houses

The #1 Open House App for iOS® and Android™

On Your Tablet

Running an Open House using your tablet has never been easier. Use multiple tablets in real time to ensure all your visitors get signed in quickly and easily!

On Your Phone

Running an Open House using your phone in tandem with your tablet in real time, allowing you to sign people in faster, easier, and quicker then ever before. 

AM Open House

The Most Advanced Open House Platform and Core Functionality in One Easy-To-Use App

The ink stops here! We’re taking the “pen” out of your next “open.” Grab your iOS® or Android™ device and head on over to your next Open House.

The Main Features

21+ CRM Integrations with Real Estate Related CRMs
Custom and Automatic Email Follow Up
Custom and Automatic Text Message Follow Up
Single Property Websites for Every Property
In-App or Website Property Management
Social Media Integration with Every Major Network
CRM Integrations

21+ CRM Integrations

At the core of what we do, is connectivity. Working with multiple CRM providers worldwide allows agents to focus on what they do best, help buyers and sellers. AM Open House is always working to connect with more providers to continue to streamline each and every agents business.

be different

Customize Your Messaging and Stand Out from the Crowd.

Allowing agents and brokers to customize messages to their audience is a key to you to standing out. It’s easy to set up templates, for both email and text messaging, and choose which ones will be delivered after each and every Open House within 15 minutes of someone arriving.

Want More?

While the AM Open House app is, and will always be FREE… We have some upgraded features to make your experience even better. Want to learn more about them? Click Below!

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