What’s up next for the AM Open House app?

What’s up next for the AM Open House app?

AM Open House Single Property Website page on iPhone iPad and Android

As we consistently release new features, we are also in development of a completely revamped app.

Want to share your Open Houses on Instagram? Now you can with the Android™ version of the app! It’s just as easy as sharing on any other platform and will automatically use your current picture and fill in your Open House information in the description field. Why is this such a great feature? Instagram has a huge audience for real estate agents. We are working hard to get this feature into the iOS® app as well, and hopefully once iOS® 8 is released it will be a possibility to share on Instagram and Google+ using your iOS® device.

We are making some basic changes to the app itself to provide you with a better user experience. One update is that all the buttons throughout the app will become responsive; meaning when you click them, you will know you have clicked them. While it’s a pretty minor update, it will improve you and your customer’s experience. We have also eliminated the “yellow” background in some areas of the app, replacing it with a grey background which has made a huge difference visually.

Additionally, we have added some functionality directly in the app to choose a property type for your property. This information will be on both your property detail page and your Open House detail page. The ability to view bedrooms and bathrooms on your Open House Detail page will also be updated in the new release of AM Open House.

Lastly, we have added the ability to add multiple pictures. These pictures will be in a gallery setting and will roll through automatically. This is a great feature for when someone wants to see some additional pictures of the property while you may be busy with another client. To add them, you will simply click the Add More Pictures button on the Property Detail Page and this will enable you to upload up to 5 pictures at a time with no limit on the amount of pictures you can have.

The Android™ version of this will hit the Google Play Store this week, and pending Apple’s® approval, we hope to have the new version of the app available in the App Store® by the first week of September.

Have you seen the updated features page yet? We’ve added some additional premium features so you can get an idea of what is available to you beyond the free app. Check it out: http://www.AMOpenHouse.com/features

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