Things are heating up, and we just can’t help ourselves…

Things are heating up, and we just can’t help ourselves…

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The AM Open House blog has been filled with updates and articles over the last 60 days. We are getting an enormous amount of feedback from our users, and we want to make the app the best it can possibly be. Version 2 was released about a week ago, and we are already off to the races with our next update, Version 2.1.

This update will have a new feature set that is sure to make a lot of people really happy. We will be adding a more comprehensive property type selection that will be catered to the type of property you are performing an Open House on. We will be adding increased functionality for condo/co-op/townhouse listings as well as rental listings.

As an industry first, we will also be adding coverage for commercial sale and commercial lease Open Houses. While this makes up a relatively small part of the market, we realize it makes up an extremely important part of it.

As a Realtor® who has been heavily involved in commercial sales and leasing, and currently listing over a million dollars worth of commercial real estate, it made sense for us to develop for this part of the market. Commercial Open Houses will feature fields such as loss ratios, vacancy rates, occupancy rates, availability dates, CAM (Common Area Maintenance) charges, and utility charges. All this information would be extraordinarily important to someone looking to buy or lease space. It will all be part of the Single Property Website that is automatically generated for you as well. The kicker? If/when you do a price change, it will notify anyone that has ever signed in that you have done so! From a commercial real estate standpoint, this could mean hundreds of people being emailed. Talk about a quick way to leverage technology to make your life easier!

This price change feature is already something that happens for all Open Houses for residential property. The ability of this app to make this available for commercial property as well has never been done before, and something we know will be something that users will truly appreciate.

With this new update, we are also ready to roll out another asked for feature. You will be able to click on any person who has signed into any open house and add notes to them. These notes will be time and date stamped and there will be no limit to the amount of notes you can write on a specific person or property. These will only be visible to you and should help you gauge your sign ins even better.

In the works:

We have something really special coming in the next few weeks aside from this update. It’s something that the market has not seen before and we know you, your customer, and your clients will absolutely love. Although we can’t divulge to much information right now, we promise it will be an amazing feature that the industry will be ecstatic about. Along with the new product piece, we will also be giving you some amazing marketing material. This will include printable flyers that are tailored with your property and personal information.

Keep an eye out for us at Disruptor Alley too. We were accepted to be part of an industry first along with a few other companies and are beyond excited to be a part of it. CMLS has made it clear that technology will shape the path for real estate, and we are looking forward to meeting many forward thinking CEO’s that will bring AM Open House to your doorstep with even more enhanced features.

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