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AM Open House Single Property Website page on iPhone iPad and Android

What’s New With the AM Open House App?

In our quest to continue to deliver you the content and information your clients/customers want and need, we have made some major updates to our Open House app and website. I’ll go through them in detail, but they are each designed to make your life even easier and your clients/customers happier. 1) We have created…
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Do you use Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

I am an avid CRM user; because with a CRM I can control workflow and assign tasks. In other words, get something done, and feel accomplished in the process! In this post, I will be reviewing some of the top CRM companies and what the pros and cons are for each of them. Each CRM…
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Whatcha-ma-call-it? Trillow or Zulia?

As a real estate agent for over 7 years, I have seen the triumphant building and domination of both Trulia and Zillow from the beginning. They have both given the buyer and seller population an unbelievable amount of information absolutely free of charge. However, both companies posed their own advantages and disadvantages. “But Zillow says…
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AM Open House Consumer Open House Page for iPhone iPad and Android

Welcome to the AM Open House Blog!

Thank you for visiting the AM Open House blog! If you are here, I am sure you already know plenty about the app and what we have accomplished thus far with it. We are still working on tons of new features, that as agents, we know we need and you want! I will be posting…
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